J.Loca was born in Barcelona in the neighborhood El Raval, in 1975. He is self taught and starts his artistic career painting graffiti in 1995.

For J.Loca painting and music flows together, and we could say that he has an Apocalyptic Rumba style, where his characters emanate love and troublesome equally, they are the result of the mix of his universe, the streets, folkloric imagery, graphic design, and cartoons.

Most of the time he uses animals in human shapes and attitudes to talk ironically about a wild society. In his work you can see a free form combined with very bright and daring palette colors. An honest painting, open soul, where nothing is hidden, and this sincerity becoming a great impact. They are paintings of action, and not to be contemplated, made to tell a story and provoque us…. Always on a state of things happening or about to start, images that make you think what is going to happen next …..A very lively world in constant movement, at the most purest “rumba” rhythm.