We want to share our special moments with you all

It´s the first time in eighteen years that Base Elements is holding a group show co-curated with one of our resident artists ..it´s the first time in eighteen years that we celebrate the main room of the gallery hugging a group show in which the 98% of the artists are our guest artists, but you can feel them as if you meet before and forever…it´s the first time in eighteen years that we have an amazing Amsterdam crew of artists making magic for this unique occasion, working on pieces specially born to meet all together in an exclusive atmosphere in constant evolution, just because the creativity in itself, just because we love surprising you, just because we know that the art is much more than the physical piece , the art is a feeling, is the emotion that make you feel something that you can´t explain with words , a wonderland inspired between infinite kingdoms in which you can join the intimate and the unique vibes that are inside of every single detail on the final pieces ….you can take a walk around the space, built inside of the gallery, turning in something alive in your mind, because we make magic, but you are magician too.

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Base Elements