A few years ago the founder of Base Elements, Robert Burt, was taking an evening walk through the streets of Barcelona. Never one to shy away from a ton of rubbish in the barrio gotico he noticed some rolled up canvases in a pile of trash.

A closer look revealed these weren’t some bad experiments from a wannabe artist but the works of Gregorio Zeballos!

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Gregorio Zeballos is a famous Argentinian artist from Rosario. A professor of visual arts with over twenty solo exhibitions under his belt. He lives in Rosario but we know he spent time in Europe and also Barcelona.

How these canvases ended up in the trash is a mystery but they couldn’t have landed in better hands. Robert is not only the heart of Base Elements but an artist and restoration expert himself. The canvases will be restretched and although most are in fantastic condition a bit of restoration is also required.

Reference: Artistas Rosario

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