500 x 200 cm (JL-038)


A joint piece by J Loca and Soem

Spray on canvas

500 x 200 cm


J.Loca was born in Barcelona in the neighborhood El Raval, in 1975. He is self taught and starts his artistic career painting graffiti in 1995. For J.Loca painting and music flows together, and we could say that he has an Apocalyptic Rumba style, where his characters emanate love and troublesome equally, they are the result of the mix of his universe, the streets, folkloric imagery, graphic design, and cartoons. Find out more about JLoca here

Soem has been an Urban- and graffiti artist for more than two decades. Member of the international MAC group, his style within graffiti is Wild Style, in which you play with the letters and you can give your name an infinite number of forms. With a personal style full of color and flow, Soem is a restless artist who loves to experience and reach graffiti beyond the walls.