110 x 100 cm (MAG1-002)


2,200 1,900


Oil on canvas

110 x 100 cm


Carlos Magone –  alias CB1MAG1 – was born in a small city in Spain. He started painting when he was young thus doing his first steps in the graffiti art scene. He study sculpture in London then spent some time in Canada where he found an interest in 3D, geometric style street art and graffiti. Later, he settled in Barcelona where he started painting more in the streets but also took the time to sharpened his tattooing skills. Nowaday, Mag1 is based in Bali and travels through many countries painting and tattooing his work. The latter is very distinctive with its diverse color palettes, pattern, geometric and 3D shapes.



Additional information

Dimensions 3.5 × 110 × 100 cm