Stefano Phen was born in Brindisi, Southern Italy, in 1982. In the age of 14 he got enrolled in Edgardo Simone art school in Brindisi, and after at the Academy of Arts in Lecce and Rome where he started his involvement in the local Hip Hop movement and consecutively began his career as a graffiti writer un 1997 . In 2006 Phen moved to Barcelona into a post-industrial neighbourhood of Poblenou, and that certainly serves the artist as a constant source of inspiration.

Over the past 20 years of working as an artist, Stefano Phen has been developing and constantly improving his own art style, that unites painting, graffiti and tattoo. His contemporary, fresh and aesthetically pleasing art pieces feature numerous elements of hip hop and funk culture: boomboxes, street basketball, buildings, classic cars and vans get in the mix with vector graphics, sketching lines, fat cap traces, dripping fonts and impressionist brush strokes.