Justin Case comes from the world of graffiti, he started painting in the street when he was a teenager with more vandalism than artistic pretensions. He is more knowledgeable about aerosol and digital design than he does about traditional art and prefers markers to brushes.

Over the years, his interest in tags led him to become a lover and student of calligraphy. He also began to photographically document the graffiti and urban art of his city; not only the final pieces, but also the process with photos in action. In his eagerness to capture and disseminate this movement, one fine day he found it necessary to censor the faces of some artists concerned about maintaining their anonymity. He began to experiment and look for more original and entertaining digital censorship systems than the typical pixelated one. This search for advanced censorship systems ended up turning him into a digital surgeon who still continues to search for specimens willing to undergo his symbiotic experiments.