Back in the days, Julien was a pro skater for a few european brands. It gave him the possibility to travel a lot around Europe and sometimes even further away, always carrying his camera and skate with him. In 2000 he wanted to change the scenery. Barcelona seemed like the perfect option to concentrate more on photography, so he moved and started to work as a freelance photographer for many magazines in France and world wide.

Years of travelling and living the life of a skater and a photographer, had more to it than just capturing it through the lense. Experiences through out the years worked as a huge inspiration to create something new. Photography wasn’t enough anymore to express how Julien saw this world. Painting and drawing became a new part of the picture. In his art work you can see elements from ancient cultures to modern street art, influences from skate related art and all the countries he’s been to.

You can sense the hope of a more simpler world and the message that pushes through the colourful symmetric mess, shades of anti consumption and anti materialism.