The constant exploration of an exotic graphic language through travel and research is the spine of the tireless work by Joan Tarragó. He travels to far away wild places of the world an absorbs all the goodness he can find. Tarragó seeks out the indigenous arts and crafts, contemplates nature and interacts with locals. Exploring is a huge part of his work, being inspired by textiles, colors, movement, smells, languages and cultures. He believes illustration is no longer bound by the flat format, but very often inspects and develops space. His academic and professional artistic background embraces illustration, graphic design  and urban art, which gives a very eclectic and meticulous approach to contemporary art. His artistic style is nourished by ancient symbolism, surf label influences and a very cutting edge graphic language, which all together has been very successful in the artistic scene in many countries like USA, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, France or Germany.