J.Loca was born in Barcelona in the Raval neighborhood in 1975. He is self-taught and began his artistic career painting graffiti in 1995.

For J.Loca, his painting and music flow inseparably, we could say that he has a Rumba Apocalyptic style, where his characters exude love and bad milk in equal parts, they are the result of the mixture of his universe and the street, of imagery, popular, printed graphic work and cartoon series.

He generally uses animals with human forms and attitudes to speak ironically of this savage society in which we live. His work is characterized by formal freedom and a cheeky color palette. A sincere painting, with an open soul, where it does not hide anything and that transparency being part of its impact. They are action pictures, not contemplative, they narrate and provoke us…. Things always happen or are about to happen, images that make you think about what will happen next in the scene you are contemplating… a living world in continuous movement, yes! with a rumba rhythm.