Ivana Flores was born in Barcelona. Self taught.  She is a whimsical artist with a diversely realistic side. She incorporates immense symbolism throughout her work because she doesn´t want to leave out any fragments of imagination from her enormous creative mind. The fictional characters in her work are based on her reality, drawing and painting are her language. Too much fairy tale like as it may seem, they bring viewers like us into believing in this poetic magician. Her footprint is channeled through female characters of young age and eventually undergo transformations.

Throughout her life she has had an immeasurable passion for art, a primary need for human happiness. For Ivana art is life, it has guided her to know what she wants and how to say it. The artist speaks to us through the eyes of her precious characters which stare through windows overlooking wonderlands. The places where her art transports us is a colorful one but it´s also a fantastic one, filled with mythological creatures that are symbols of her vast imagination.