El Rapto de las Sabinas- a commission piece by Art is Trash

Francisco de Pajaro a.k.a. Art is Trash just finished a commission piece 4 x 2 meters big. It`s now on its way to its new home in Florida, U.S.A.

This came about when the client, a new customer of Base Elements, was in the gallery admiring Franciscos work. He wanted a painting that was already sold, so Robert talked to Francisco and set up this arrangement for Francisco to make a piece especially for this client.

The painting is a remake of a famous art piece from 1799 by Jacques-Louis David “Rapture of the Sabines”.

Francisco is a spontaneous artist which is a useful talent on the streets.  On canvas he is also unhesitant and secure in his approach. He doesn’t sketch before-hand,  his compositions go straight onto the canvas.

As you can see, the painting evolved during the creative process.

He worked quickly but consciously, adding layers, details and putting some gold and silver leaf coating on selected areas.

Here you can see Francisco in action, brushing of the excess silver leaf.

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