This weekend, Base Elements assisted to the 23rd edition of the sustainable festival Drap Art. This art platform allows artists, designers and artisans from different countries to create and sensitize the public on the environment with a concept of “objet trouvé”. Moreover, it supports promote well-known but also emerging artists who work with discarded materials and recycle them.

Art is Trash and SOEM were also present and offered a live art show with bulky goods and boxes. Once finished, the artistic collaboration gave a funny but clear message to the visitors about environmental, social and economic problems. Other artists’ artworks – such as Julien Deniau, Álvaro Soler-Arpa, Kenor and many more – were exposed at the festival. Each of these pieces had their own way to referred to the theme of the event and the issues it points out. From the chandelier, the skateboard to plastic containers and teddy bears, the participants have presented interesting works that might make you think twice before throwing away any of your old belongings.

Photos and videos: Helga Mjöll Oddsdóttir ( · Written by: Jessy N. Marine (@soaparis)

Drap Art International Festival of Sustainable Art, 23rd edition. From November 15th to January 19th at the Maritime Museum of Barcelona, av. de les Drassanes, s/n 08001 Barcelona. Entrance hall.

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