DADARA , landed from the Netherland straight to enjoy the whole month of October doing an Art Residency in our Space, with the main idea on working along with our Barcelona based artists Joan Tarragó and Ivana Flores. The experience is being an evolving art explosion at the gallery. The amazing energy that they are blowing up together is living in every corner at the gallery, chilling and working at the same time while the creative process is coming alone. We are all super excited on the progress that Dadara is making on the collabs pieces with Joan Tarragó and Ivana Flores, each one is going to be unique in its kind. Base Elements is proud to be the place of birth of those two collaborations , Dadara & J.Tarragó , Dadara & Ivana Flores, coming from another dimension.
The joint pieces in which they are working on live will be on display at THE AVANT-GROOVE group exhibition along more new artworks from all of our resident and guest artists at the end of the month.

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