Critique of the false artist Antonio De Felipe by Art Is Trash

In case you missed the story; commercial “pop” artist Antonio De Felipe faces an authorship lawsuit. Fumiko Negishi who worked at Antonio’s studio for ten years claims to have painted over 200 canvases signed by Mr De Felipe. You can read more about the case HERE

Antonio is regarded as the Andy Warhol of Spain. His work is highly conceptual and he’s known for turning things like this:


Into this:


Antonio De Felipe, who more often than not likes to be photographed in custom paint-stained clothes (sometimes stark fucking naked) next to his masterpieces, has responded by claiming Fumiko is simply uptight for being sacked.

Antonio De Felipe looking good!

Regardless of the case Mr De Felipe has received a lot of criticism from the creative community, especially from Francisco AKA Art Is Trash. A man who knows a thing or two about rubbish!

In his words:


Direct translation:

Hello Scoundrels I’m the artist Antonio de Felipe! Yes, the Milli Vanilli Spain’s POP. I stain clothes without painting a picture! I have not painted for 20 years! FUMIKO, a Japanese painter has painted for me because I have no time to do it, that’s riffraff’s work for lowlifes! The ideas are mine. I do things that no one has done in the history of art. I grab an iconic character that has not already been painted! Even the author has not invented it. For example, a Tintin and I put next to it one cow. YES, I AM A GENIUS, and I live in this era together with you! I accept photos and interviews! I sign autographs. I love making money and put it in my ass! I’m famous and have time to go over to the gym. I’m POP! Look how good I am!

And with this critique comes a one-off piece depicting Antonio De Felipe posing in front of his masterpieces with Fumiko Negishi hiding in the background.


Here is an interview with Fumiko in Spanish

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