Chicadania is a contemporary artist, she comes from art school. Most of her artistic life has been devoted to sculpture. However, having married a Spanish urban artist, she got to know the world of street art from within. In 2017, she was invited to the first edition of the District Graffiti festival, called at that time Ciudad Mural in Bogotá; for the first time she started painting in large format and she herself was surprised to see what she was capable of. After so many years, the time had come to explore this new language. This is how Chicadania came to muralism, to paint portraits of her sons Ían and Marc. Thinking of giving a more original and personal meaning to her murals, she decided to put makeup on her children and then portray them. She paints their faces and photographs them playing in their superhero pajamas or just interspersing. Children are a direct reference for anyone, we have all been children and we invented magical universes with any object, no matter how simple it was. Ían and Marc have been growing and their murals are being distributed in the world reflecting that thread of life.