“Art is Trash” (El Arte Es Basura) is the street name of Barcelona-based artist Francisco de Pájaro, who takes action when he sees a pile of rubbish and creates art with it, rearranging boxes, garbage bags, broken furniture, old matresses,….and then paints it, sticks it with tape, leaves his trademark moniker and walks away. He usually works in the evenings and takes him between five and twenty minutes to make an artwork, and then he has to run in order to avoid police officers.

All of Pájaro’s pieces can easily be seen as artistic suicide, creative works destined to be destroyed in a bin lorry, but in the social media has find the permanence of his art that he is unable to achieve in real life, under the hashtag #artistrash.

He creates art out of something society considers gross and disgusting. Garbage is hated, ignored, considered smelly and rotten, but for him has become a place to create monsters, to make fun of politicians and the capitalist system. A way to express himself without inhibitions.