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Big thanks to Stuart from inspiringcity.com for paying us a visit.  We had a good time talking about the street art scene in Barcelona.

Here are some pictures and quotes from the article that Stuart wrote about us, featured on inspiringcity.com.

You can read the original post here.

Robert shows Stuart around the gallery


Base Elements front. Malcom X by Btoy


“Opening in 2003 the Base Elements gallery has found itself at the heart of the urban art scene”


Robert with a piece by Art is Trash

“Robert Burt, the founder of the gallery, is an artist himself who came to Barcelona in 1999 initially to work on his art but who ended up opening a gallery. He came to the city at the back end of what I’ve heard people term as the ‘golden age’ of graffiti in the city, a time when every corner was covered with art and before the authorities really cracked down.”

Inside of Base Elements


Stuart has a chat with Robert and Francisco a.k.a. Art is Trash, who coincidentally dropped by the gallery



“The artists on the roster are impressive and there are real links to the heyday of the Barcelona graffiti scene of the late 90’s.  The aforementioned Pez of course but also the prolific El Xupet Negre whose ‘baby pacifier’ or ‘dummie’ can be seen everywhere.  These two in particular says Robert are key personifiers of logo art which is popular in Barcelona”


“Other artists from the period whose evolution has taken them from the street to the gallery include the likes of J. Loca, Zosens and Soem. Artists well known for their work outside and whose work would have once decorated the city.  But it is some of the work from Ivana Flores which really leaves me entranced with her dreamlike self portraits sitting alongside the work of these street legends.”

Art is Trash (front) and Zosen (back)


A piece by Robert himself

Here is more from Inspiring City`s trip to Barcelona. Barcelona the creative city with a graffiti soul and a street art heart

All photos and videos were shot by Stuart from Inspiring city

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Base Elements