Juan Manel Pajares was born in Lleida, Spain, 1957. He is self-taught and did not attend any institute of Fine Arts. In a style that is uniquely his, Pajares believes his work should remain a sort of investigation field for the experimentation of the mix technique.”Believe in what you do, go up to what you believe”. This can be viewed as the definition of Pajares and his distinct works.”The city is a discourse and that discourse is truly a language: the city speaks to its inhabitants, we speak to our city”. Roland Barthes
What if the walls of the great modern metropolis were not only the reflection of our collective unconscious, but also the sculpted, graffitied, carved, pasted and almost always half crumbling blocks of a virtual museum that longs to be seen as a physical one? And what if art were not in museums, but in our daily lives, on the street? Frédéric-Charles Baitinger
Pajares’s use of cropping and montage does not place his work under the heading of painting. In general, the artist only uses elements which belong to the world of advertising, politics or street-life. His works constitute authentic pictorial reflections of the history of society, saturated with icons.
Profoundly influenced by the streets of New York, his work depicts the abandoned walls that progressively, under the assault of passers-by, evolve into a kind of bone yard for contrasting signs.
Collages, templates, posters, graffiti: the impact of the images and icons.